10 Rules for Trading Cheap Stocks

Keeping losses to a minimum is critical and lets you stay in the game.   Read More

Never risk more than 2% of your account value on any one trade. Read More

Make sure your profit target is at minimum 2x your stop loss on every trade. Read More

A minimum of 100k average volume and always observe the bid/ask spreads in the morning when the market opens. Read More

Trading is hard enough and this is where stocks go to die.  Read More

Always sell when a stock is rising and consider scaling out of your position for greater profits. Read More

This is a bad strategy with any type of security but especially dangerous on low priced stocks. Read More

Reaction to earnings is always a crapshoot, especially when it comes to low priced stocks. Read More

Just try to be disciplined and consistent. Don’t try to double your money on every trade.

See Rule 6. Don’t get greedy.  Always take profits on the way up and avoid getting caught in a selloff.  Read More